Wrestling Daily / Sat Mar 3

StarSports and ESPN in Asia have dropped the WWF for WCW.....WWF is teaming w/ K-Mart for a WM X-7 promotional.....This Mon night on WCW Nitro: S O'Haire vs L Luger, Styles/ Paris vs Skipper & ???, S Helms vs Chavo, Jr and L Storm vs Konan. Dusty Rhodes was booked against Jeff Jarrett, but the deal fell through yesterday afternoon..... Superstars of Wrestling tour set for this month has been ppd until June, due to visa problems......Fusient Media Ventures expects to close the WCW deal next week......This Mon night on WWF Raw: Steve Austin and The Rock team up to go against Wm Regal and Kurt Angle. HHH is also expected to return.

Today's Babe : Chae
Friday March 2
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