Wrestling Daily / Sat Mar 10

As of today, the WCW calendar for the month of April is completely dark....... Scotty 2 Hotty requested 4-6 weeks off, hence the angle with Kurt Angle..... The WWF announces: July 22 WWF Fully Loaded comes from Cleveland, August 19 WWF Summerslam comes from San Diego and November 3 UK-only ppv WWF Insurrextion comes from Manchester...... This Mon night on Nitro: Skipper/Romeo take on The Jung Dragons, Storm/ Awesome meet The Mamalukes, Shane Helms meets Evan Karagias and Kanyon squares off against Disco. Now, with a lineup like this, you tell me why WCW is losing the ratings war......There is a one-page interview with Chyna in the latest issue of VIBE, so I'm told.....WWF's Rikishi Phatu is out of action untl WM X-7 with ruptured eardrum.....Since taking on indy bookings, Sabu's reputation has taken a dive as he continually accepts plane fare and pre-payments, then no-shows events.....Professional Championship Wrestling debuts on UPN 21 in Dallas on March 17 @ 11 AM CT, replacing Urban League Wrestling. PCW runs weekly shows in Arlington.....March 15 NWA Wildside in Toccoa, Ga has Styles/Paris taking on Bad Attitude, plus David Flair.

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