Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sat Jan 6

6:00 PM ET UPDATE..... According to the NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling website, tonight's scheduled television taping in Morganton, N.C. has been "cancelled." A quick check reveals only one television outlet for the promotion, an independent station in Hickory..... 12:00 PM ET UPDATE....... For the first time in over 7 years, ECW did not produce a TV show this week. They are in negotiations with a national cable network ( i.e., FX ) and did not renew the MSG contract. There will be no lead-in for Guilty As Charged, set to kick off tomorrow night from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City...... Chyna's autobio is available online from WWF Shopzone. "If They Only Knew" will be available @ bookstores on Jan 30........ Row 5 seats @ $300 each still remain for the WWF Royal Rumble, two weeks away.... A couple of new pix from the WWF: Here's one of Trish.... And, one of Terri..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Today's looker is Miss Kara.... WCW has relaunched The Nitro Girls Website..... WCW Nitro, Mon night from St Paul: For the WCW Title: Scott Steiner vs Jeff Jarrett, for the WCW Cruiser Title: Chavo, Jr vs Shannon Moore and Lance Storm meets Billy Kidman.....Dean Malenko underwent knee surgery this past Thu and will be out of action for around a month..... Mexican star Villano 1 passed away from a cerebral hemmorage on Thu..... The Shane Douglas - Gen Rection match @ WCW Sin will be under First Blood rules.

Friday January 5
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