Rob's Wrestling Daily / Sat Feb 3

3:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Of the 5 ladies dismissed from WCW, Major Gunnz and Leia Meow have contacted the WWF, Paisley and Tygress will concentrate on singing with Diversity 5, and there is no word on Daffney. Torrie Wilson and Stacy Keibler remain with the company..... WWF house show tonight in Greensboro, NC. Rob's on Row 4...Results from Raleigh last night: Raven d Blackman. Venis d Kwik. Albert d Crash. Hardyz/Lita d RTC. Angle d Benoit. X-Pac d Bossman. Dudleys d Edge/ Christian. Wm Regal interview. Rock/ 'Taker/ Kane d HHH/ Phatu/ Haku...... Shawn Michaels is headed back to the WWF as his lawyer is in negotiations. He sold his wrestling school...... 1:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Here's April Hunter, also featured in the March issue of WOW..... ECW is off the air @ the Sunshine Network..... Paul Heyman is close to signing with the WWF. It is unknown if the WWF is bringing the ECW operation under its umbrella.... The WWF has back-to-back tapings in NYC's MSG in June..... Mon night on WCW Nitro: For the US Title: S Douglas vs R Steiner. B Bagwell vs B Adams.

Friday February 2
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