Wrestling Daily / Sat Feb 24

According to the Pro Wrestling Torch, most WCW production personnel and some announcers are certain that they will be laid off when Fusient takes over. There is no word on when those papers will be signed, although the original plan was for the action to be completed by Feb 28......The WWF will send Matthews and York to Memphis to train before bringing the duo into the fold...... Steve Austin is booked for an appearance on Jay Leno to hype WWF WM X-7.......NY/NJ @ Chicago or Birmingham @ Orlando in XFL action tonight on NBC.....WWFE, Inc may be after Artisan Enertainment, an independent movie distributor.....WWFE, Inc has become partners with Canada's Headline Media Group, a television specialty sector.....WWF Smackdown posted a strong 4.5 Thursday night, despite opposition from Friends and Survivor.....This Mon night on WCW Nitro: Shannon Moore takes on Shane Helms and Jeff Jarrett meets Dustin Runnels with Ric Flair as the special referee.

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Friday February 23
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