Wrestling Saturday / December 7

World Wrestling All Stars, Live in Glasgow, taped for PPV in the U.S. : Shark Boy d Karazian.. Konan d Webb.. Buff Bagwell/ Johnny Swinger d Norman Smiley/ Malice.. Mike Sanders d Joe E Legend.. Tio d Puppet, with Midajah as the referee.. Jeff Jarrett d Nathan Jones to retain the NWA Title.. Lex Luger d Sting to win the WWA Title.. Sabu won a three-way over Simon Diamond and Perry Saturn......WWE Live Fri night in Richmond: Hurricane d Raven.. Dreamer d O'Haire.. Rosie/ Rico d D-Lo/ Spike.. Molly/ Victoria d Trish/ Jacqueline.. Batista d Kane.. Dudleys d Regal/ Storm.. Nowinski d Maven.. Test d Richards.. Booker T d Christian.. RVD d HHH.... Ric Flair in attendance; interfered for Batista and HHH.

Wrestling Friday / December 6
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