Wrestling Saturday / December 22

WWF Raw, taped last night in Miami, for air Mon night, Dec 24 : The Rock and Kurt Angle set up a three-way bout for the WWF title as tonight's ME... Vince has a Christmas party... Rikishi d Test by DQ... Ric has a Christmas team meeting... Billy Gunn/ Chuck Palumbo d APA... Rob Van Dam d Lance Storm... Announcement: Terri Runnels is replacing Trish Stratus as co-host of WWF Excess... Torrie Wilson d Stacy Keibler in a gimmick match... Stephanie Mc Mahon crashes daddy's party, then leaves... Christian d Hurricane... Booker T d Maven... Tajiri Claus d Bubba Claus... Steve Austin crashes Vince's party... ME: WWF Title : champion Chris Jericho d Kurt Angle/ The Rock...... NOTES: For the Arn Anderson fans, watch for Arn at Ric's Christmas gathering....Look out for Mae Young to do some disgusting things at Vince's party.

Wrestling Friday / December 21
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