Rob's Wrestling / Sat Dec 16

2:00 PM ET UPDATE...... NWA Mid-Atlantic tapes for TV tonight in E. Spencer, NC.....The Dudleys host WWF Heat this Sun night....WCW has signed former FCW champion "The Warlock" to a developmental contract..... DD Page had Mick Foley in for Christmas cheer last Sat night. Seems Mick was in the neighborhood signing books....WCW champ Scott Steiner dropped the Mall of America yesterday to promote the Nitro/Thunder event in St Paul on Jan 8.....ECW last night in Queens: C Willy d Mike Bell. M Shane d B Wesley. Dinero/Money d Nova/Mahoney. Lynn d York. Credible d Kash. Doring/Roadkill d da Baldies. Rhino d Spike. FBI d Tajiri/Mikey. Corino d Sandman. Dreamer/Dudleys d CW Anderson, Diamond & Swinger. ..... New Jack was involved in a bar fight last night in Queens. 1 Wrestling is reporting that he is "giving up wrestling."......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Ivory in the Caribbean..... Pro Wresting Torch is reporting that Dustin Runnels is on the booking sheets for WCW Starrcade and for Mon Nitro..... HHH is in Calif shoting a Weider commercial....The WWF is back to working with Memphis' Power Pro Wrestling. Jerry Lawler's Memphis Ch Wrestling will stop taping, and may merge with PPW.... The WWF's Tori tapes "18 Wheels of Justice" the week of Jan 4 in Vancouver.....Jim Ross is reporting that the WWF never offered Torrie Wilson a contract. Wilson claims to have turned the WWF down.....Lita hosts @ WWF NY this Mon night....The Hardys and Lita film a commmercial in LA next week.....The WWF has released Malia Hosaka.....The winner of the WWF Royal Rumble will get the title shot @ WM X -7..... Rumors still have Eric Biscoff the eventual owner of WCW, with all taping moved to Las Vegas and house shows virtually shut down for a period of time.

Friday December 15
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