ALL NOTICES POSTED MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25 @ 11:30 PM ET : WWE Raw, broadcast live from Oklahoma City on the USA Network....Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lillian Garcia is the ring announcer ... Lita d Candice Michelle, with Edge as the referee, in the first round of the tournament to declare a new WWE Women's champion. After the match, John Cena enters the ring and challenges Edge.... Film airs from the recent Mexico City tour ... WWE IC Title: Kane d champion Nitro, with Melina, via DQ when Umaga enters the ring ... WWE 24/7 : September 23, 1977: Andre The Giant vs Gorilla Monsoon in a three-round boxing match... Ric Flair d Spirit Squad Mikey .. Film airs of John Cena on the upcoming MAD TV ... Dx d The Highlanders ... Dx d Charlie Haas/ Viscera ... Dx DDQ Lance Cade/ Trevor Murdoch ... Cryme Tyme segment ... Jeff Hardy d Shelton Benjamin .. Cuper Crazy/ Carlito d Randy Orton/ Chris Masters ... Eric Bischoff pushes his book ... John Cena d Lita, with Edge. After the match, Cena is attacked by Booker T, Fit Finlay and Wm Regal. Edge announces Cena vs Edge in a cage next week on WWE Mon Night Raw as the program leaves the air.

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