Rob's Wrestling / Mon Oct 9

Tonight on WWF Raw: Mick Foley sets out to divulge the person who ran over Steve Austin last year. Shawn Michaels claims innocence. Hardcore champion Steve Blackman d Raven. Linda Mc Mahon claims innocence. Benoit/ X-Pac d HHH / Jericho. Edge/ Christian claim innocence. WWF Tag champions The Hardy Boyz d Lowdown. European champion Al Snow d Test. Cut to Road Dogg @ WWF NY. RTC d Chyna/ E Guererro when G-TV shows Guererro in a shower with 2 girls. Billy Gunn consoles Chyna, who returns Eddie's ring and leaves the arena. Eddie attacks Gunn. ME: Phatu/ The Rock Angle/ Kane. Commish Foley reveals the culprit to be Rikishi Phatu. Phatu admits guilt, claiming he did it so that The Rock could win the WWF Title and further the cause of the Islanders. He claimed that the WWF has always held up "The Great White Hope" as the champions...... 5:00 PM ET UPDATE: Ken Spence brings the WWP back to Glenn Avenue @ the VFW in Winston-Salem this Sat, Oct 14. The ME: Mental Disorders vs. Sudden Impact..... DAWN MARIE in a HOT TUB @ ECWWRESTLING.COM: WWF in San Diego on Sun: RTC d 2 Cool. Mideon d Brawler. Lawler d Raven. Snow d Saturn. HHH/Phatu d Angle/Kane. Dupps d MSP. Benoit d Billy Gunn. Dudleys d T & A.....Brad Seigel has told Terry Taylor to pass the word: FOUR potenial buyers for WCW: one German, one Japanese, one French and Mandalay...... Shawn Michaels returns to WWF RAW tonight..... 10:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Juvie pleaded guilty in court and was ordered to pay close to $3,500. in fines and restitution. Two green Ecstasy tablets were found in his sock when he was taken in to jail. WCW has sent him home and will not pay him for the tour..... WCW Thunder, taped in Australia: Gen Rection/ Konan d Storm/ Douglas. The Cat introduces Sam Greco. Loco/ Cajun d Jindrak/ O'Haire TO WIN THE WCW TAG TEAM Titles. Jindrak/ O'Haire d Loco / Cajun TO WIN BACK THE WCW TAG TEAM Titles. Kronic d Booker T. Skipper d Kidman. Awesome hosts the Lava Lamp with Kwee Wee and Paisley. Goldberg squashes Palumbo. Sting d Sanders. Awesome/ Crowbar d The Harris Brothers. Scott Steiner d Rey, Jr. ME: The Cat d Nash by DQ. Off the air: Ric Flair.... AWOL d Johnny The Bull....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............ NWA Mid-Atlantic taped Sat night in Morganton, N.C. Thanks to Simba for the results: 2 shows taped, the first to air Fri night Oct 13 @ 8 pm ET on WHKY TV 14 in Hickory. 6 squash bouts, plus four MES: Bunkhouse Buck d Colt Steele to WIN THE NWA MA championship, Leilani Kai d Desiree Petersen, Ricky Morton d Rikki Nelson and Madd Maxx d Jeff Justice. Also on the card were Lodi, Bobby Eaton, LA Stephens, Tater Kirby and others. Return date in Morganton, also for TV, is Nov 11......The Maryland State Athletic Commission has banned Backyard Wrestling, citing an ordinance against an "unlicensed sporting event." Fines range to $2,000. plus 6 months incarceration.

Sunday October 8