Rob's Wrestling / Mon Oct 30

11:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WWF Raw, from Boston: E Guererro d Chyna. RTC/Ivory d Hardys/Lita. 'Taker powerbombs Wm Regal. Test d Crash. Cage Match: Austin d Phatu. S Richards d B Gunn. Angle d HHH by DQ. ME: Rock d Jericho. Note: Angle defends against The Rock on WWF Smackdown this Thurs..... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WCW Nitro, from Irvine, Cal: Jindrak/ O'Haire d Rey, Jr/ Kidman. Reno d Kwee Wee. Lockeroom salute to new US champion Gen Rection. Smooth d D Flair. New CEO Ric Flair introduced. Luger reinstated. Luger d Bagwell. Kronik d Perfect Event. The Cat d Mike Sanders. ME: WCW Title: Booker T d Mike Awesome/ Scott Steiner..... 8:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Burger King has pulled advertising from WWF Smackdown..... X-Pac hosts the party tonight from WWF NY..... Tonight on Nitro: Booker T defends against Mike Awesome..... Stephanie Mc Mahon has been tapped to star in an upcoming movie, "On Angels Wings," to be filmed in Philly next year..... Vince Mc Mahon still has WCW on his mind. He has plans to continue talks with Time-Warner in the next few days about acquirirng WCW. Insiders say that this has become an ego thing for Mc Mahon..... The Rock stars in NBC's "DAG," the last week in Nov..... Ric Flair and Lex Luger tonight on WCW Nitro....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............ Mike Mooneyham reports that Scott Hall was arrested this past Thursday in Sanford, Flo as he appeared in court to seek sole custody of his two children. Hall was cited for an unresolved case from 1998. His hearing was postponed until this Tuesday.....New Jasmin pix are up @ ECWWRESTLING.COM.

Sunday October 29