Rob's Wrestling / Mon Oct 2

11:05 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on WWF Raw: Program opens with memorial to production executive Dennis Dunn. WWF Tag Champs The Hardyz , w/Lita, d 2 Cool. Jericho/ Dudleys d Raven/ Tazz/ X-Pac. Lita-Jaqueline brawl. Phatu/ Rock d Kane/ Benoit. BA Billy Gunn named as a suspect in the Austin mystery. Steve Blackman d Edge/Christian to retain the Hardcore Title. Feature on Chyna. E Guererro/Chyna NC Right To Censor. Steve Austin gives Commish Foley the Stunner. ME: #1 Contender's Match: Angle d HHH (w/ help from Benoit)....... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE: Tonight on WCW Nitro: Animals d. Boogie Knights. Russo tells Goldberg he must break his own winning streak of 176 to remain in WCW. AWOL d Reno for the Hardcore Title. Mike aders reverses the deision and gives the belt to Reno. Shane Douglas, w/ Torrie Wilson, d Mike Awesome. Goldberg d Meng. Booker T and Jeff Jarrett win the right to meet in the ME to determine the new WCW champ, knocking out Scott Steiner and Sting. Mike Sanders d E Skipper to WIN THE CRUISER TITLE. Golderg d The Harris Brothers. David Flair reveals the father of Stacy's baby to be Buff Bagwell. ME: 4 Corners 49'ers Match: Booker T d Jeff Jarrett TO WIN THE WCW TITLE...... 7:00 PM ET UPDATE: Bradshaw & Farooq tonight on WWF RAW from WWF has relaunched....WWFE, Inc closed today UP 2.06%.....WWF has filed a lawsuit against the William Morris Agency. No details are available.....Tonight on WCW NITRO: a match featuring 4 boxes, placed on poles in the corners of the ring. Weapons are in three of the corners; the WCW belt is in the fourth one...Also, David Flair reveals the father of Stacy's baby and Juvie meets Rey Jr in a ladder match....ECW on TNN last Fri night dropped to 0.7.....Electronic Media reports in its Oct 2 edition that Mandalay Sports will purchase WCW later this month. Mandalay has purchased the domain name Thunder airs one-half hour later his WEd night on TBS..... Former ECW owner Tod Gordon has an upcoming announcement related to the wrestling industry....... 8:00 AM ET UPDATE: Jersey All-Pro's 3rd Anniversary show will be held at Viking Hall, aka the ECW Arena, and the ME is Sabu vs. Axl Rotten...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE: Chyna autographs today @ Crown Books in DC and tomorrow @ Crown Books in Laurel, Md..... Mike Mooneyham, in his column this week, says that Vince Russo cheapend WCW when he placed he title belt on himself last week..... WWF RAW last Mon night was the most watched program ever on TNN......Former POTY Karen Mc Dougal will cheer for the XFL and appear as a poster girl for the league..... Jan 2001 will see the release of ECW Anarchy Rulz 2, the CD.

Sunday October 1