Rob's Wrestling / Mon Oct 23

11:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Tonight on WWF Raw: A tribute to Rodney Anoia, aka Yokozuna. WWF Title: Lita d Trish. Benoit d Road Dogg. European Title: Regal d Jericho. Tazz/Raven d 2 Cool. B Gunn d V Venis. WWF Tag Title: Conquistadores ( Hardyz ) d Edge. ME: WWF Title: Angle d Rock/ HHH. Austin-Phatu brawl........... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WCW Nitro: Harris Brothers d Perfect Event. Cruiserweight champ Mike Sanders d The Jung Dragons. Kronic d 3 Count. Goldberg d Shawn Stasiak. World Tag champs Jindrak/O'Haire NC Kidman/Wright. Vampiro d Crowbar. S Douglas d Konan. ME: Scott Steiner d Mike Awesome...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Angles like the one involving Austin last night are what sets the WWF apart from WCW in terms of production value....WCW returns statesde tonight as this marks the first Mon where Nitro and Thunder will be taped the same night. WCW comes from Little Rock tonight; the WWF comes from Hartford.....the next update may be delayed, as I have a workshop Mon night @ Wake Forest University from 6-8 pm ET......

Sunday October 22