Rob's Wrestling / Mon Oct 16

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WWF Raw, from Detroit: HHH vs Kane. Eddie Guererro vs Chris Jericho. Al Snow vs William Regal. T & A vs APA. Road Dogg vs Val Venis. Dudleys vs Conquistadores. Hardyz/Rock vs Angle/Edge/Christian. Mandy & Victoria come from WWFNY....Steve Austin tonight on Howard Stern's E! program.....Adnan Al-Kaissey recently underwent successful hip replacement surgery..... Super Crazy headed back to ECW after an extended stay in AAA.... New pix of Francine are up @ have Vince McMahon buying WCW, assuming the debt, and running it as a separate company..... Showtime Event TV, reporting revenue of ppvs for the third quarter of 2000, shows wrestling responsible for $60 million of the total $66 million figure..... The Gagnes are selling the AWA World Heavyweight Belt for $750,000....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE............. Randy Savage is suing over the use of his trademarked name, Gorgeous George. Savage allowed a former girlfriend to use the name, but has since reclaimed it..... Shawn Michaels has lashed out at internet reporters who have him returning to the WWF in 4 months..... Mike Mooneyham, in Sun's column, reported that WCW workers are waiting to see who the new buyer will be, and that ECW's days may be numbered, now that TNN has dropped the promotion.

Sunday October 15