Rob's Wrestling / Mon Nov 6

11:00 PM ET UPDATE........ Tonight on WWF Raw: Vince Mc Mahon opens the show, with a push for WWF fans to vote tomorrow. Steve Austin enters the ring, and accuses Vince of running him down last year. Kurt Angle enters the ring and attacks Austin. Stephanie McMahon and Vince leave the arena. Austin KO's Angle. "Taker d Val Venis. T & A d 2 Cool. Newcomer Mona ( not identified ) attacks Trish Stratus. Dx d The Radicals, led by Terri. RTC d The Hardy Boyz TO WIN THE WWF TAG TITLES. Kurt Angle attacks The Rock. Steve Blackman d Kane, with help from Chris Jericho. Jerry Lawler d Raven. Dudleys d Edge/Christian in a tables match. The Rock is attacked before the ME. ME: Austin NC Angle/Phatu when HHH enters the ring and attacks Austin. While Austin is down, HHH alludes that he may be the person Austin has been looking for as he says, "Now you know..." ................ !0:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WCW Nitro: Lex Luger attacks WCW Mag's Ross Foreman. Lance Storm d Kwee Wee. Luger and Bam Bam Bigelow attack Golderg. Shawn Stasiak d Reno by forfeit as Reno is attacked before the match. CEO Ric Flair announces matches for Mayhem. Jimmy Hart attacks Mancow. Jindrak/O'Haire d 3 Count and The Jung Dragons. DD Page returns, along with Buffy Bagwell, Rick Steiner and The Cat to confront he boys from Battle Dome, to further the angle. S Steiner/J Jarrett d Sting/Bagwell. Gen Rection (w/Gunnz) d Alex Wright. Goldberg d Bigelow. ME: WCW champ Booker T d Kevin Nash as Shawn Stasiak turns on Nash..... 8:00 PM ET UPDATE......... X-Pac, suffering from neck pain, will be removed from television for the next few weeks..... Tonight on WWF Raw: Austin/Rock vs Angle/Phatu. Kane vs Blackman. T&A vs 2 Cool. 'Taker vs Venis. RTC vs The Hardyz.... Lita is the latest lady interested in posing.... Chris Chetti has signed with the WWF..... Jesse Ventura on Larry King Live tonight..... The WCW crew and wrestlers, a total of 40 or so, fly to Europe later this week..... Booby Heenan has been given his notice from WCW..... Lance Storm and 3 Count were backstage last night @ ECW Nov 2 Remember, visiting friends.....Jim Mitchell scheduled for surgery tomorrow to repair his badly burned hand andthe hole in his stomach from his fire mishap last night @ ECW Nov 2 Remember....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ The Women of WCW repeats on E! today @ 11 AM & 5 PM, Nov 9 @ 10 PM, Nov 10 @ 11 AM & 5 PM, Nov 11 @ 3 PM and Nov 12 @ 11 AM.....Jim "Sinister Minister" Mitchell injured last night @ the ppv while practicing a gimmick with fire. He suffered burns on his stomach and hands, thus the "cover" by Joey Styles.

Sunday November 5