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11:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Tonight on WWF Raw : The Hollys d T & A & Trish. IC Title : B. Gunn d E. Guererro. The Rock d Rikishi Phatu. Cut to William Regal @ WWF NY. Kane NC 'Taker. K Kwik/ Road Dogg d RTC. Hardyz/ C Jericho d The Radicalz. Steve Blackman d Tiger Ali Singh. ME: WWF Title: Kurt Angle NC Steve Austin when HHH enters the ring and attacks Austin....... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Tonight on WCW Nitro: MIA d 3 Count. Yang d Lance Storm. Alex Wright/ Ron Harris d Noble/ Karagias. DD Page/ Nash NC Jindrak/ O'Haire. Goldberg d Reno. Lex Luger attacks, and racks, Goldberg. US Title: Gen Rection d Bam Bam Bigelow. Rey Jr d Jeff Jarrett by DQ. ME:WCW Title: Scott Steiner d Stevie Ray. Sid Vicious appears ; will face Steiner @ WCW Starrcade........ 6:00 PM ET UPDATE........ Complete WCW Nitro and WWF Raw reports later tonight..... Konan was off of the ppv last night due to a family emergency. He is scheduled for Nitro tonight.....Booker T reinjured his knee last night, and will take time off to heal. He will continue to work on promotional tours and projects.....Over 52,000 tix have been sold for WWF Wrestlemania X-7.....Tonight on WCW Nitro: Scott Steiner defends his WCW Title against a man of Ric Flair's choosing, Bam Bam Bigelow takes on General Rection, Lex Luger makes an announcement and the ME for Starrcade will be revealed.....Scott Hall nabbed for DUI on Nov 22 in Seminole County, Flo. Officers observed open beer bottles in his car. Three hours after his arrest, he blew a 0.27 on the breathayzer....... 1200 AM ET UPDATE....... A Few Pix Of Trish, from 4 Wrestling.... Entertainment Weekly previews ECW's Massacre on 34th Street in the current issue..... WWF announcer babe Lillian Garcia has pix and a bio up on her site.... ECW has 2 bookings for the remainder of 2000. One is the ppv on Dec 3, the other is @ the ECW Arena on Dec 23.....Rob Van Dam is set to take the ECW Title in 2001.

Sunday November 26
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