Rob's Wrestling / Mon Nov 20

11:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Tonight on WWF Raw: Stephanie announces that HHH is....alive. Austin gives her a message for HHH: it isn't over. Benoit challenges Austin for tonight. WWF Tag champions Right To Censor NC The Dudleys. European champion William Regal NC Hardcore Holly. Chris Jericho/ The Rock d Kane/ Rikishi Phatu. WWF champion Kurt Angle introduces his brother Eric, then both are attacked by the 'Taker. Road Dogg/ Billy Gunn/ K Kwik d The Radicalz, w/ Terri. WWF champion Ivory d Molly Holly, w/ help from Trish Stratus. 'Taker d Edge/ Christian in a handicap match. In the ME, Steve Austin d Chris Benoit with the Stunner........ 10:00 PM ET UPDATE............ Tonight on WCW Nitro: Jamie Noble d Yang, w/ Leah Meow. CEO Flair annoces Luger vs Goldberg for Mayhem, if Luger wins tonight. Jeff Jarrett lures David Flair, then pops him with the guitar. Buff Bagwell brawls with Jarrett. Perfect Event win THE WCW TAG TITLES from Alex Wright and substitute partner Elix Skipper. Mancow brawls with Jimmy Hart. Battle Domer's attack Rick Steiner. Kevin Nash announces Mayhem partner D D Page. Meng/ Rection d Storm/ Duggan. Goldberg d Kwee Wee, then d Mike Sanders. Buff Bagwell d Shane Douglas, w/ Torrie. WCW champion Booker T d Lex Luger, with help from Goldberg......... 6:00 PM ET UPDATE....... The plan for Flair/ Hancock was to have Russo as the father, wih Ric having slept with Stacy's mother years earlier. Therefore, David would've slept with his sister.....TGGOAW's WCW contract is up in March. Rumors have resurfaced about him striking a deal with Fox.....The Rock was offered the lead in the upcoming Conan The Barbarian movie, but his Scorpion King commitments wouldn't allow it.....WWFE, Inc has a conference call set for tomorrow @ 2 PM ET...... 2:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Kurt Angle's brother Eric was the double used last night..... Critics are calling the ME angle with HHH and Austin "absurd."..... Tonight on WWF Raw: fallout from the Survivor Series....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Presales for WWF WM X-7 make it the biggest gate in US pro wrestling history.... Tonight on WCW Nitro: Booker T defends the WCW Title against Lex Luger. Also, Jim Duggan and Elix Skipper take on Kwee Wee and Meng. Shane Douglas battles Buff Bagwell and the boys from Battle Dome drop by...... Interesting Angle used last night with the double in the WWF title match.....And also interesting was the ME, which saw HHH pinned in a car and dropped from a forklift to the cement, he was not in the car when it hit the pavement..... Boston Herald story details Mick Foley's love for Christmas.....Roddy Piper hanging up the tights and becoming a political activist, encouraging Canadians to vote.....Hot new pics of Dawn Marie are up on

Sunday November 19