Rob's Wrestling / Mon Nov 13

11:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Tonight on WWF Raw: Angle d C Holly. Jerico/Blackman d Kane/Test. Dudleys d Raven/Tazz. H Holly/Crash/'Taker d Angle/Edge/Christian. Hardyz/Lita NC RTC/Ivory. Regal NC Road Dogg. Cut to Steven Richards @ WWF NY. Co-commissioners Foley & Debra preview Survivor. Austin/Chyna/Gunn/Rock d Radicalz. HHH/Phatu "run down" The Rock....... 8:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Steven Richards @ WWF NY tonight for the Raw remotes....WWF Raw could hit # 100 straight tonight over WCW Nitro.....50,000 of the 65,000 tix have been sold for W'Mania in the Astrodome. Included are all of the 200 available seats @ $ 500 each.....DD Page on hand tonight for the grand opening of Planet Hollywood in Times Square, across the street fom WWF NY. N'Sync will also be there to perform..... Scott Hall has received limited visitation rights with his two children.....WCW Worldwide this weekend, taped in the UK: AWOL wins squash. Smiley wins squash.....WCW Thunder, taped in the UK: Reno d Big Vito. Crowbar d Bigelow. Kwee Wee wins a 6-man elimination match. Booker T d Lance Storm. Nash d Sanders. Boogie Knights NC Konan/The Cat. (Konan injured). Goldberg d Bagwell. ME: Sting NC Scott Steiner....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE.......... "Night of Decisions" NWA-Flo tomorrow night in Tampa @ the Hesterly Armory features NWA Champion Mike Rapada meeting Sabu..... The former Mona in WCW, Nora Greenwald, will be known in the WWF as Molly Holly..... WWF UK ppv on Dec 2 : Austin/The Rock take on HHH/Phatu. Also, Angle vs Jericho vs Kane, 'Taker vs Benoit, and The Hardyz, with Lita, against RTC.... Rikishi Phatu has broken nose cartilage..... Scott Hall debuted for ECW on Fri night, teaming with Jerry Lynn to defeat Justin Credible and Rhino..... Blackjack Brown reports that the ME for WWF Survivor will be changed to a Fatal Four WAy with HHH, The Rock, Phatu and Austin..... Chris Candido suffered a seizure backstage @ the MEWF show in Hampstead, Md on Sat night..... WWF women are in Jamaica doing a photo shoot.... WWF Survivor won't feature tag bouts this year..... Mick Foley on Conan O'Brien this Thur night, and Goldberg on Regis this Fri morning.

Sunday November 12