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WWE Raw, broadcast on the USA Network from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.....Preshow sees these matches taped for WGN's Superstars for Thu night: Carlito/ Primo Colon d Charlie Haas/ Shelton Benjamin... WWE ECW champion Jack Swagger d Finlay.... WWE RAW: The program opens with the promised Vince McMahon- fake Kroenke skit, which ends with a crude joke by McMahon... The Miz/ John Cena/ Legacy/ Big Show introduce the program... Kelly Kelly d WWE Divas champion Maryse via DQ... Contender's match for a US Title shot vs champion MVP next week on Raw: Kofi Kingston d Wm Regal/Matt Hardy....Ric Flair confronts Randy Orton for his sucker punch last week, only to be told that his (Flair's) career is over. Flair punches Orton, and is then overpowered. Batista makes the save. On the way back up the ramp, Orton is confronted by the returning Mr. Kennedy.....Mickie James / Santino Marella d Beth Phoenix / Chavo Guerrero....Goldust/ Hornswoggle d Brian Kendrick/ Festus... M.E.: Representing the Denver Nuggets: The Miz/ Cody Rhodes/ Ted Dibiase/ The Big Show/ Randy Orton vs Representing the LA Lakers: MVP/ Jerry Lawler/ Batista / John Cena/ Mr. Kennedy. WINNERS: Team L.A., with MVP pinning Rhodes to end the program.

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