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WWE Raw, broadcast from Toledo, Oh on the USA Network.....Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler at ringside... Justin Roberts is the ring announcer... guest host is comedian Jon Lovitz.... Batista opens the program with his arm in a sling... Bret Hart is introduced as the new GM of Raw. Hart announces a tournament to establish a field of 4 to Main Event for the WWE Title at WWE Fatal Four Way next month. He awards Randy Orton the opening win over Batista by forfeit after Batista claimed that he could not go tonight. Batista quits and leaves the ring, and the building.... Sheamus d Mark Henry to qualify for the 4-way Main Event... Hart relinquishes his WWE US Title and sets a match between former champion The Miz and R Truth for the belt... Maryse / Alicia Fox d Eve Torres / Gail Kim... R Truth d The Miz TO WIN THE VACANT WWE US TITLE..... Jon Lovitz segment with the Bella Twins and a talent search using WWE wrestlers and audience members.....The Hart Dynasty d Wm Regal / Vladimir Kozlov. After the match, Jimmy and Jules Uso, along with Tamina from Florida Ch Wrestling, attack The Hart Dynasty....The 4 remaining MXT wrestlers are interviewed... Guest Host next week is Ashton Kutcher... M.E.: Chris Jericho vs Edge vs WWE champion John Cena : Edge d Cena / Jericho to qualify for the Fatal Four Way M.E.... The four qualifiers : WWE champion Cena, Sheamus, Randy Orton and Edge square off as the program ends.

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