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WWE Raw, broadcast on the USA Network from Louisville, Ky.....Ric Flair, in a message from Batista, tells WWE champion Randy Orton that Orton will defend the WWE title against Batista in a cage @ the next PPV. Legacy enters the ring, and attacks Flair. Batista and John Cena make the save..... Kelly Kelly wins a Divas Battle Royal for the #1 contender's spot for the Divas Title.... Santino Marella d Chavo Guerrero... Unified Tag Team champions Carlito/ Primo Colon d Goldust/ The Brian Kendrick... The Miz calls out Cena, but gets The Big Show, instead. Show takes out his aggression on Jerry Lawler... WWE US champion MVP d Matt Hardy... Ric Flair/ Batista segment: Flair challenges Orton to a match next week... Raw GM Vickie Guerrero d Santina to claim the Miss Wrestlemania sash... M.E.: Batista/ John Cena d WWE champion Randy Orton/ Ted Dibiase/ Cody Rhodes, as Batista pinned Orton, with help from Flair.

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