Wrestling Daily / Mon Mar 5

Paul Heyman is CONFIRMED for WWF Raw tonight, sitting alongside Jim Ross doing commentary. It is NOT known if there will be an ECW invasion staged, but Heyman was involved in the production meeting earlier in the day...... Trish Stratus . Com is infected with a virus.....Tonight on WWF Raw: C Jericho vs E Guererro, The Dudleys vs The Hardys, Lita vs Ivory and 'Taker/ Kane vs Haku/ Phatu..... New pix of Jasmine are up on ECW Wrestling . Com.....Club ECW offered refunds today by mail.....Jaime Knoble misses Nitro tonight to be with his new baby boy, born over the weekend....... Sunday XFL : Chicago 15, LV 13.....Orlando 21, Memphis 19...... "Beyond The Mat" airs in the US on STARZ! this month.....XFL on NBC continued its ratings slide this past Sat night, averaging a 2.8..... Sandman, Diamond, Dawn Marie and Spike Dudley worked Ian Rotten's IWA in Charlestown, Ind this past Sat night.....Lita tours the U.K. for the WWF this week, Mar 8-12.....The WWF will soon release a 120-page swim issue of the Divas from the Jamaican shoot in Jan.....The WWF is blocking e-mail response to the Lawler firing.....Maryland Ch Wrestling has invited legend Ricky Steamboat in to speak to its trainees on April 21 and 22.....NBC is pressuring Vince Mc Mahon to make rule changes in the XFL in hopes of attracting higher ratings.

Today's Babe : Tori
Sunday March 4
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