Wrestling Monday / March 26

Several, but not all, of the questions will be answered tonight regarding the sale of WCW to WWFE, Inc. Expect to see WWF star(s) on WCW Nitro tonight, as the plan is to start an angle using cross-over talent. Edge, Christian, The Hardyz, and another unannounced WWF wrestler are scheduled to appear on Nitro. In addition, at least two WCW wreslers are scheduled for WWF Raw. At the WWF house show in NYC Sat night, it was announced that WCW's TNN timeslot has been moved to Fri nights, with tapings on Wed nights. This makes sense, as it does not interfere with WWF Raw or WWF Smackdown. At this point, it would appear that WCW will have one weekly cable program, not necessarily, but possibly, called Nitro. The syndicated World Wide show is expected to undergo changes, yet be retained. In related news, expect WCW agents Arn Anderson and David Finlay to be retained. Complete reports on both programs will be available here tonight, beginning at 8 PM ET. More speculation, going into tonight's programs : Shane Mc Mahon will be in Panama City tonight, along with Gerald Brisco and Bruce Pritchard. The WCW creative team met with the WWF team this afternoon @ 2 pm et. The first event on Nitro tonight has Scott Steiner vs Booker T. The ME on WWF Raw has Kane/'Taker vs Austin/Rock. Vince will address the WCW acquisition tonight on Raw. Eric Bischoff is not expected to be in attendance tonight, nor a part of the new WCW. Contrary to reports, 1 Wrestling is saying this afternoon that no start date nor time has been established for the new WCW. Many in the WCW locker room see Brad Siegel as gutless, and the mood is somber. Seigel is NOT expected to attend the meeting on Wed morning in the Power Plant. Variety estimates the sale price of WCW as being etween $10 and $20 million.

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