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WWE Raw, broadcast on the USA Network from Lafayette,La....Randy Orton and Legacy attack Batista, setting up an injury angle, allowing him time to get surgery tomorrow and take some time off. BTW, they attacked the good limb, and Orton left the ring with the belt. Look for a possible tournament at The Night of the Champions... WWE US champion Kofi Kingston d Wm Regal, non-title.... WWE Divas champion Maryse d Kelly ... Next Week: Raw goes to three hours, with the WWE, World and ECW Titles being defended... Goldust/ Festus/ Santino Marella d Jamie Noble/ Brian Kendrick/ Chavo Guerrero....The Miz vs. John Cena goes to a No Contest due to interference from The Big Show, who lays Cena out...MVP d Matt Hardy ... Vickie Guerrero resigns as GM of Raw.... Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase d WWE Unified Tag Team champions Primo / Carlito Colon, non-title... Randy Orton is in the ring, awaiting the challenge of Batista. HHH enters with sledgehammer, knocking aside Rhodes and Dibiase. HHH enters the ring, and locks up with Orton. A brawl throughout the arena ensues, and ends with HHH giving Orton the pedigree in the center of the ring. HHH gave the sign of Dx to end the program.

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