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WWE Raw, broadcast from Birmingham, Ala on the USA Network.....Batista d Cody Rhodes in a cage match... WWE Divas champion Maryse / Beth Phoenix d Mickie James / Kelly ... WWE Unified Tag Team champions Carlito / Primo Colon d Wm Regal / Matt Hardy ..... John Cena / Chavo Guerrero d The Miz / The Big Show..... WWE US champion MVP vs Kofi Kingston...... Santino Marella / Vicky Guerrero comedy match .... M.E.: The program tonight has been building to a brawl between Ric Flair and Randy Orton. The match includes Flair pummeling Orton at ringside, getting him in the Figure four leglock on the announcer's table, a run-in by Legacy to save Orton, Orton and Flair locked in the cage around the ring, Batista coming to ringside for the save, unable to enter due to the cage being locked, and Flair getting the RKO and a boot to head in the ring from Orton. The program ends with Batista, frustrated outside the cage, looking at Orton, vowing to break him in half this comiing Sun at the PPV.

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