Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Jan 8

7:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Generally good reviews from ECW's Guilty As Charged. The technical aspects were impressive for a company in the financial condition it is` in. The workrate was over the top. Strong performances by some people with a heart for the business. A few notes: The Wrestlers on a contract basis were paid one weeks salary, making them now 7 weeks behind...Missy Hyatt, Jerry Lynn, Chris Chetti and Rob Van Dam all were reportedly one-time deals....Rumors have Fox Sports reps backstage....Language was a factor in the show, as there were limits crossed, pardon the pun, to the extreme......Spotted at Sunday's Toronto Raptors-Seattle Supersonics game: Bret Hart......Tonight on WCW Nitro: Scott Steiner defends the WCW title against Jeff Jarrett, Chavo, Jr puts the Cruiser title up against Shannon Moore, and Lance Storm faces Billy Kidman......WWF Raw counters with Steve Austin taking on WWF champion Kurt Angle and Billy Gunn vs Val Venis in a cage........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Say Hi to Major Gunnz.... Chris Jericho skated @ MSG yesterday to benefit the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation.... Disco Inferno replaces Mark Madden tonight on WCW Nitro......WCW Nitro now airs on Fri nights in the UK, head-to-head against WWF Raw..... Lita appears in the July issue of Teen People.....Terry Funk vs Sabu in an indy in Jax Flo on Mar 31.

Sunday January 7
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