Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Jan 29

7:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Rumored for WWF No Way Out: HHH vs Austin or HHH vs Austin vs Angle. 'Taker/Kane vs Phatu/Haku. IC Title: Benoit vs Big Show vs Rock vs Jericho. Tag Title: Dudleys vs Edge/Christian. WWF Title: Ivory vs Molly Holly. Trish vs Stephanie. The Hardys vs The Acolytes...... Tonight on WWF Raw: Austin/HHH sign for No Way Out. Rock vs Benoit vs Jericho vs Big Show. 'Taker vs Haku. Raven vs C Holly. Dudleys vs Edge/Christian....... Gary Michael Capetta did a signing for about 75 people @ Barnes and Noble in Brick, NJ on Sat..... NBC replays the Rock on SNL this Sat Feb 3..... Look for Kidman to turn heel in WCW.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... To check out WCW's singing Diversity 5, click here.... then, on "Nitro Girls Music Group."..... Stan Hansen's retirement ceremony was held Sat night @ the All Japan show in the Tokyo Dome. The traditional ten-gong bell salute was given......Mideon has been released from the WWF.....The Rock/ Austin d HHH/ C Benoit yesterday afternoon in WWF acton in Philly... Gov Jesse will earn $ 1.5 million from his XFL involvement this year..... Torrie Wilson is on her way to working out the salary differences with WCW..... Rumors have Matt Hardy turning heel, and Lita siding with either he or Jeff..... Southern Championship Wrestling in Durham, NC has two of its workers on the Springer show today......George South's Exodus Wrestling Alliance has taken over the television slot from NWA Mid-Atlantic on Hickory, NC' s WHKY TV-14. South's show debuts this coming Fri night, Feb 2, @ 8 ET.

Sunday January 28
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