Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Jan 22

5:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Next report, which will include results from tonight's WCW tapings and the WWF Raw TV show, will be around midnight tonight...... WWF No Way Out in Feb may feature Angle vs Rock and HHH vs Austin..... Meng/Haku signed with the WWF on Thur, then turned the WCW Hardcore Title over to the Barbarian to return to WCW.... Goldberg, on Tampa radio, works the fans into the idea that, with the sale of WCW, he could now be a free agent...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Results of last night's WWF Royal Rumble can be found by clicking the link on the Wrestling Bodyslam intro page.... Say Hi To Kristi.... Rob is in the house on row 4 in Winston-Salem for WCW Nitro; the report will be filed later tonight....Reminder: WCW Nitro airs on a delay this week, tomorrow night on TNT....Tonight is WWF Raw # 400, live from Lafayette. The show began in 1993.....Bobby Heenan is back in the broadcast booth...for the WOW ppv on Feb 4....David Mc Lain has announced a second ppv for his Women of Wrestling, titled Spring Fever, on Apr 8....Depending upon who you listen to, Sid Vicious will return to WCW in July...or not at all....assuming there is a WCW to return to......Lowdown d Kaientai in WWF pre-Rumble action last night....All Japan's Tenyru may miss the annual Tokyo Dome show due to ligament damage, incurred in the ring on Jan 18.

Sunday January 21
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