Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Jan 1

2:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Gov Jesse Ventura is writing his third book, this time it's a children's book, teaching them about the workings of government. All proceeds will go to charity............. 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........Happy New Year !!!! ...... Let's start the New Year with Midajah..... Thu Jan 4 in the Tokyo Egg Dome, New Japan presents a tourney for the vacant IWGP Title.... Sat Jan 6 in San Juan, a three-way war headlines the ME as Carlos Colon, Abdullah The Butcher and One Man Gang do battle for the WWC Hardcore Title.....Trivia Department: In the last 6 months of 2000, the WWF ran 103 shows: 17 in July, 18 in August, 17 in September, 27 in October, 17 in November and 13 in December.... Jan 2001 starts with 17 shows..... The Dudleys will appear in Las Vegas on Sat Jan 6 for the XFL..... More Trivia: Nora Greenwald, now known to the world as Molly Holly, is 22.... TBS executives have called for an immediate end to the on-air swearing and sexual innuendo at WCW..... Muto/Takada d Ken Samrock/Don Frye in 24 minutes @ the Inoki New Year's Eve event in Osaka..... Here's the lineup for ECW's Guilty As Charged, on Sun Jan 7: ECW Title, with Tables, Ladders and Chairs: Corino vs Credible vs Sandman, ECW Tag Titles: Doring/Roadkill v Hot Commodity, I Quit: Dreamer vs C W Anderson, 3-way: FBI vs Tajiri/Mikey vs Crazy/Kash, Lynn/Cyrus vs Matthews /York........

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