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WWE Raw, broadcast from Knoxville, Tn on the USA Network.....A video tribute to MLK, Jr opens the program... Tonight's guest hosts are Don Johnson and Jon Heder... CEO Mr. McMahon enters the ring and immediately begins to berate Bret Hart. WWE World champion The Undertaker enters the ring and calls McMahon a coward, saying that he has screwed Hart twice. McMahon leaves the ring. The Undertaker calls out Shawn Michaels, who is refused a World title shot @ WWE Wrestlemania. Michaels vows to wins the WWE Battle Royal, thus earning him a title shot against 'Taker @ Wrestlemania.... WWE champion Sheamus d Evan Bourne....Mark Henry d Jack Swagger... WWE US champion The Miz / Johnson and Heder / Big Show angle to set up tonight's M.E.... John Cena / Kofi Kingston d Legacy .....Hornswoggle and Heder are added to the M.E.... Gail Kim / Eve Torres d Maryse / Alicia Fox.... WWE Royal Rumble promo: WWE champion Sheamus vs Randy Orton... WWE World champion The Undertaker vs Rey Mysterio...Randy Orton d Chris Masters.... M.E.: WWE Unified Tag Team champions Dx / Hornswoggle, with Don Johnson, d WWE US champion The Miz / The Big Show / Jon Heder, nicknamed The Flame.... Next Week's Guest Hosts: Roday and Hule from USA's Psych..... Post M.E.: HHH announces to Michaels, Big Show and Cena that he is in the Royal Rumble, along with all of them, and intends to win the Rumble to get the World/ WWE title shot.

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