Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Jan 15

4:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Sid (Vicious) Eudy had a metal rod inserted into his left leg today and was told that he would be out of action 6-8 months. The exam further found some type of broken bone in his back. The severity of that injury is not known..... Correction: 30 pages of wrestling coverage in the Jan 23 National EXAMINER...Nothing new.... The Living Dangerously logo has been added to the ECW website. Paul E has told the boys and girls that ECW will take Feb off, then return in March....Tonight on WCW Nitro: O'Haire/Palumbo defend the Tag Titles, Chavo Jr takes on Crowbar and Rey Jr/ Kidman go against 3 Count.....New pic set of DAWN MARIE is up on ECW Bischoff met with the WCW talent last night before the ppv and again this afternoon. Both meetings were said to be positive...... NWA Nashville TV this past weekend was a rerun from Sept. The editor failed to push the RECORD button, and, as they tape over their masters, the entire network got the Sep rerun..... Turnbuckle Wrestling in Cleveland, Tn this past Sat with Dusty Rhodes, Erik Watts and Barry Windham. The crowd was est @ 700. Promoter Ronnie West returns on Feb 10....... 9:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Sid Vicious suffered a compound fracture of his left leg in the ME of WCW Sin last night. The ME was re-worked as it happened, with Road Warrior Animal,who was supposed to screw Sid out of the title, instead coming off very weak. Animal, who is the brother of booker Johnny Ace, was a last-minute sub as the mystery man..... Bobby Eaton and Buddy Landel in for Exodus Wrestling in Newton, N.C. on Jan 13.... Southern Championship Wrestling begins on Raleigh and Durham television next month. The group has its second television tapng scheduled for this Sat night, Jan 20, in Butner, N.C..... Tweleve year old Lionel Tate killed Tiffany Eunick with a pro wrestling hold. Now, the 13 year old, convicted, faces prison. The WWF is suing Tate's attorney, Jim Lewis, for libel over some remarks made on national television..... WWF Royal Rumble will be available on the big screen @ WWF NY............. 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... Wresting-Women presents a Kat gallery.... Did you notice the new WCW logo @ Sin last night???.....NWA Mid-Atlantic Wrestling has cancelled their last two television tapings, has suspended the TV show, and has two shows on the books....The fan who cost Goldberg his "career" last night was a plant, therefore he was not ushered out by security, who jumped him for realistic effect. Look for Goldberg, who was unhappy with this second "streak," to be reintroduced. Several subtle references to CEO Ric Flair turning heel last night, also: trying to get The Cat to leave the building and introducing Goldberg to the boy who would mace him, among others.

Sunday January 14
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