Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Feb 5

6:00 PM ET UPDATE...... XFL Score from Sun, not telecast: Memphis 22, Birmingham 20.... Add to WCW Nitro tonight: O'Haire/Palumbo vs Storm/ Awesome.... Chyna appeared on The Reagan Show last night to promote her book, "If Only They Knew.." The book is selling very well.... WOW debuted on satellite last night. Most sources are condemning the show. Having seen it, the technical effects were horrible, with no sound on any of the interviews. The cheesy names and costumes were overplayed. There is, however, some talent that is being overloooked, but it was heavily masked. Oh, and this was not the first-ever all-female ppv. Some of us rememeber The LPWA Ladies back on Feb 23, 1992...... The top 5 markets for the UPN XFL telecast yesterday: Jacksonville, Memphis, Norfolk, Dallas and Indianapolis..... Linda Mc Mahon will appear on CNBC tomorrow morning beween 8:30 and 9:00...... New England Sports Network, available on DIRECTV, airs Ringmasters Thursday night @ 7 ..... Poor reviews for the WWF in Colubus, Ga yesterday. The big stars went to Columbia, SC and did not make the Georgia stop. The Columbus ME's: Hardyz over Saturn/ E Guererro and Kurt Angle over Y2J...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... There's Always "Miss Hancock.."... NBC's XFL debut on Sat night did a 10.3..... Super Crazzy is telling people that he will be in WCW soon.... The NY Times has ripped the XFL as a "ruin-in-progress."..... Sun XFL on UPN: San Francisco over Los Angeles, 15-13 after a last-second FG by Mike Panasuk.... Does anyone else see the resemblance between WOW's Terri Gold and Courtney Thorne-Smith ??

Sunday February 4
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