Wrestling Daily / Mon Feb 19

Tonight on WCW Nitro: Kevin Nash, Ric Flair sets bouts for WCW Greed, and The Cat has a special announcement for Lance Storm..... Tonight on WWF Raw: Benoit/ Angle vs Austin/ Rock. HHH / Stephanie vs Wm Regal / Trish. D Malenko vs Lita. The Hardyz vs Phatu / Haku. X-Pac vs E Guererro............ Sunday XFL : Birmingham 14, Chicago 3 ; Orlando 18, NY/NJ 12......... The XFL on NBC on Sat night continued to slide, doing a 3.5..... Combat Zone Wrestling has replaced ECW on Philadelphia's Channel 48. ECW originated in Philadelphia..... Lance Storm has interesting commentary on the egos in pro wrestling on his site, stormwrestling.com....... Bad Attitude regained the NWA Tag Titles this past Sat night in Cornelia, Ga @ the Wildside TV tapings..... Mike Tyson in for New Japan in June..... Major Gunns appears on a video now out, "The Best of Backyard Wrestling."

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Sunday February 18
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