Wrestling Daily / Mon Feb 12

Mick Foley has taken time off from the WWF to be with his third son, who was recently born. When he returns, look for him to bring a stable with him: Rhino, Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, Nova, and Yoshihiro Tajiri........ Las Vegas 25, Memphis 3 in an XFL romp on UPN Sun night.... Birmingham Bolts over the New York Hitmen 19-12 in Sun afternoon XFL action..... Goldberg has had successful rotator cuff surgery and should return to WCW soon..... Terri hosts Sun night Heat next week..... K Kwik @ WWF NY for Smackdown this week..... ECW's Francine may be WWF-bound..... Blackjack Brown reports that negotiations between WCW and Fusient have fallen so far behind that a Feb 28 deal date is "unrealistic."..... WCW has notified arenas booked for Nitro in April of possible cancellations. The general feeling is that, should negotiations with Fusient fall through, that Time-Warner/AOL would not financially back the April tour...... Rumors have the Road Dogg signed with WCW, courtesy of his friend Jeff Jarrett. .... XFL action next weekend has Los Angeles @ Las Vegas Sat night on NBC, Chicago @ Birmingham Sun afternoon on TNN, and Orlando @ NY Sun night on UPN.

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Sunday February 11
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