Pro Wrestling Monday / December 5

The Charlotte Observer, in a front-page article, reports that Ric Flair and his wife Beth owed the IRS $1 million in 1997. The two separated in Feb of this year after 22 years of marriage. Flair's lawyer, Bill Diehl of Charlotte, says that each of them is accusing the other of being bad. Flair is reportedly engaged to another woman. He allegedly dipped into a retirement account to place a $92,000 ring on her finger. According to The Observer, Beth Flair spends $65,000 per year on clothing, and $50,000 per year on vacations. She spent $50,000 on Christmas gifts in 2004. Flair maintains that his salary with WWE is $500,000 per year, and that the IRS has seized his checks since April. A judge has oredered Flair to pay his wife $20,000 per month until the case is settled. Charleston, SC, Post and Courier columnist Mike Mooneyham, a personal friend of the Flairs, defends Flair, saying that his wife has a personal vendetta against him.

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