Rob's Wrestling / Mon Dec 4

11:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Tonight on WWF Raw....... Rikishi Phatu d 'Taker. WWF Tag champions Right To Censor d The Hardys. Chris Benoit d Hardcore Holly. Edge/Christian d Road Dogg/ K Kwik. Kurt Angle d Chris Jericho. IC champion Billy Gunn d Val Venis. Ltwt champion Dean Malenko d Lita....... Wm Regal d Crash Holly TO WIN THE WWF EUROPEAN TITLE. Cut to WWF NY with Test, Albert and Trish. Vince gives The State of The WWF address, only to catch the Stunner from Austin, the Rock Bottom from The Rock and The Last Ride from 'Taker. Backstage, HHH, Rikishi and Kurt Angle ambush Austin, Rock and 'Taker. The show leaves the air....... 10:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Tonight on WCW Nitro: Mike Sanders security has Sid Vicious removed from the building after baiting him with the returning "Oklahoma" Ferarra. Chavo Jr d Kwee Wee. Crowbar d Elix Skipper. Lex Luger taunts Sgt Buddy Lee Parker, at ringside, to bait Goldberg. Nash/ DDP d 3 Count. Sanders points out to Flair a film clip where the Insiders pinned the wrong man to win the titles. Flair hands the titles back to Perfect Event.Bigelow attacks Awesome. Reno NC Kronic. Goldberg d Smooth. Jarrett d Konan. WCW champ Scott Steiner d US champ Gen Rection. Steiner, looking for Flair, attacks Arn Anderson. Goldberg heads to the ring, only to be fended off by Luger. Sid Vicious charges the ring, where he and Steiner are kept apart and the show leaves the air..... 5:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Sabu in Ft Worth this Thu night to defend his XPW title..... Corrected numbers: WWF Smackdown did a 4.4 this past Thu night..... Goldberg's Maury segment airs tonight on WCW Nitro..... Dawn Marie is missing a diamond necklace and Justin Credible is short $ 600 after a heist in the ECW locker rooom last night @ Massacre..... Vampiro has parted ways with his manager Bob Barnett and is trying to get back in the good graces of WCW..... The Jan 7 ECW ppv, Guilty As Charged, comes from NY's Hammerstein Ballroom......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... A few pix of Miss Kitty, The Kat from Wrestleline... A 24-hour wrestling channel is in the work and looks to have a 2001 launch. For more, go to TWC-Online... Jeery Lynn met with Jim Ross this past Tues @ the WWF Smackdown tapings and inquired about work. He was asked to submit a tape for review.

Sunday December 3
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