Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Dec 25

12:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Black Entertainment Television is set to announce next month the acquisition of a "urban wrestling" program featuring hip-hop.......WWF Raw tonight airs via tape from Chattanooga, and Nitro returns on Mon Jan 8..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........ Merry Christmas.... Pro Wrestling Presents Kristi.... WWF Heat/ Smackdown taped Sat night in Nashville: WWF Heat: Gunn d Venis. Saturn d H Holly. Tazz d Taka. Blackman d C Holly. Kwik d D-lo....WWF Smackdown: Edge/Christian d Jericho. Benoit d M Hardy. Angle d Buh Buh Ray Dudley. RTC & Ivory d APA & Jackie. Ivory d Jackie. Raven d J Hardy. T & A d 2 Cool. ME: Rock/ 'Taker d Regal/Phatu/Kane..... Mike Mooneyham, in his column in the Charleston, S.C. Post and Courier : "WCW is as dead as a doornail.".....To see the WCW Superbrawl Revenge poster and the WWF No Way Out 2001 poster, Click Here....

Sunday December 24
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