Rob's Wrestling Daily / Mon Dec 18

11:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tonight on WWF Raw from Greenville, S.C.... IC Champ Chris Benoit d Jeff Hardy. RTC d Billy Gunn/ Dudleys. 'Taker/ Rock d Edge/ Christian TO WIN THE WWF TAG TITLES. Chris Jericho NC Saturn (w/ Terri). Wm Regal d Steve Austin by DQ. APA/Jackie d T & A / Trish. Cut to Lita @ WWFNY. Scheduled ME of Angle vs Vince Mc Mahon became a double-team of Angle/McMahon vs Mick Foley. Stephanie enters the ring with "papers," claiming her mother to be incompetent, thus reverting WWF control to her "daddy." To end the show, McMahon "fires" Foley....... Tonight on WCW Nitro from Richmond.... Shane Helms d Shannon Moore. CEO Ric Flair announces a 3-way dance @ WCW Sin for the WCW Title. Hardcore champ Terry Funk d Meng. Lance Storm d Rey, Jr. Jeff Jarrett d Mike Awesome. The Cat d Alex Wright. CEO Flair announces a Battle Royal for Thunder to determine contenders for the Tag Titles @ WCW Sin. Buff Bagwell NC Goldberg. ME: Jeff Jarrett d Lance Storm to become one of the two challengers for Scott Steiner's title @ WCW Sin........ 5:00 PM ET UPDATE.....N.C. Southern Ch Wrestling commish will appear on VH1's The List this Fri @ 7 pm....Trivia: The Rock, Bret Hart and Hulk HOG-an are tied with the most number of WWF titles: 5.....Mike Mooneyham claims that the WCW sale to Eric Bischoff is nearly complete.... DD Page on Yahoo !! chat Wed @ 6 pm ET..... Jimmy hart returned to the Memphis studio of PPW for the first time in 15 years this past weekend....Dustin Runnels met with WCW Executives @ Starrcade about possible character development.....Scott Hall arrested last Wed in Orange Co, Flo for kicking a cab. Due to his record, he was taken back into custody..... Tonight on WCW Nitro: DDP/Nash defend against The Harris Brothers, Terry Funk faces Meng, Shannon Moore faces partner Shane Helms, Buff Bagwell takes on Goldberg and CEO Ric Flair announces the main event for WCW Sin...... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... A Visit To The Lethal Ladies.... Did you happen to catch Mark Madden's "apology" to WCW management last night on Starrcade? "...Page is 45, looks 35 and wrestles like he's 25..." Give me a break. DD Page, by the way, is 47..... Shane Douglas was spotted on the History Channel reciting the myths of George Washington..... 8 of the top 10 Billboard's Sports Rec Videos are WWF releases....DD Page, Kim, and The Rock will appear in the Dec 31 Orange Bowl parade.

Sunday December 17
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