Rob's Wrestling / Mon Dec 11

11:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Tonight on WWF Raw: Dean Malenko/Perry Saturn d The Hardys ( w/ Lita ). IC champion Chris Benoit d Billy Gunn. The Rock/ Dudleys d Angle/ Edge/ Christian. Chyna NC Ivory when RTC attacks Chyna. Acolytes d Test & Albert ( w/ Trish ). Memphis Maniac cheerleaders introduced. Jerry Lawler/ K Kwik/ Road Dogg d RTC. Raven d Al Snow. Mick Foley refuses to resign, and retains his his commisionership, with help from Austin...... 6:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Tomorrow night on WCW Nitro: Scott Steiner defends the WCW Title. Jeff Jarrett/Harris Bros vs The Animals. Storm/Gunnz vs The Cat/Ms Jones. Douglas vs Cajun. Also: Sid Vicious..... Viscera has been released from the WWF.... WWF Smackdown has more coverage and is the # 1 program in the ratings war for the WWF.... WWF has the new set of Jamaican pix up.....Scotty 2 Hotty d D-Lo Brown in the only dark match @ WWF Armageddon last night..... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... Here Are Patti And Randi From WOW.... Look for Mick Foley vs HBK @ WWF WM X-7 for the commissionership.....Jack Brisco and "Mr Wrestling" Tim Woods will be inducted into the Lou Thesz Hall of Fame.

Sunday December 10
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