WWE Raw, broadcast live on the USA Network from Charlottesville, Va .... (John Cena was called away from the television taping to return to Mass on family business)... Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler call the action; Lilian Garcia is the ring announcer... Lita, with Edge, d Mickie James TO WIN THE WWE TITLE ... Umaga d Alex Sage ... Ric Flair d Nitro, with Melina, via DQ ... WWE Diva segment: Milena is voted off ... Degeneration X/ Mc Mahon angle ... Eugene / Hacksaw Jim Duggan d The Spirit Squad, with help from The Highlanders .... Edge goes to a No Contest with Carlito as Cena enters the ring and hammers Edge ... Hulk Hogan confronts Randy Orton and an imposter Hogan to hype the upcoming WWE Summerslam to end the program. (POSTED MON AUG 14 @ 11:10 PM ET).

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The Latest Headlines : Sunday August 13
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