Pro Wrestling Friday / October 7

WWE Raw, broadcast on Mon night from Dallas on USA Network.... Dark Match: Shelton Benjamin d Tyson Tomko... WWE Raw: Kurt Angle draws Shawn Michaels.. Edge d Matt Hardy in a Loser Leaves Raw match.. HHH/ Ric Flair d Carlito/ Chris Masters. After the match, HHH attacks Flair... Trish/ Ashley d Victoria/ Candice Michelle/ Torrie... Christian/ Eddie Guerrero/ JBL vs Chris Benoit/ Rey Mysterio/ Batista was stopped by WWE Raw manager Eric Bischoff before it began.. WWE Title: champion John Cena d Eric Bischoff..... WWE taped for television in Austin, Tx... WWE Velocity: Big Vito win.. MNM d Steele/ Ladder.. Kennedy win.. Juventuud Guerrera wins a Cruiser weight Battle Royal... WWE Smackdown: Booker T d Orlando Jordan.. Sylvan d Bob Holly... LOD No Contest Wm Regal/ Paul Burchall.. Roddy Piper d Bob/ Randy Orton.. Bobby Lashley d Eddie Craven.. Batista/ Chris Benoit/ Rey Mysterio d Christian/ Eddie Guerrero/ JBL.... Dark Main Event: The Undertaker d Randy Orton.

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