Rob's Wrestling / Fri Nov 3

8:00 PM ET UPDATE..... Rock/ Austin vs Angle/ Phatu ME WWF RAW live from Houston this Mon night..... WWF Smackdown last night on UPN did a 5.0..... The Women of WCW profiled this Sun night on E! @ 8 E/P..... Ric Flair makes his state of WCW address this Mon night on WCW Nitro. The stars of Battle Dome will also appear to further the interpromotional angle, as Nitro comes live from Chicago.... Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer has a theory regarding the death of Yokozuna. He speculates that the lifestyle of pro wrestling was a contributing factor.....Chyna on MAD TV tomorrow night.....ECW Nov 2 Remember this Sun night........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE........... Sandman squares off against Steve Corino while Jerry Lynn faces Justin Credible in the first round of Double Jeopardy at ECW's November 2 Remember. The winners will meet in the ME for the ECW Title.

Thursday November 2