Rob's Wrestling / Fri Nov 24

5:00 PM ET UPDATE.... Goldberg, on Live with Regis this morning,pushed his book, "I'm Next." Clips were shown from the Aussie tour.....Hombre Dinamita, aka Savio Vega, the winner in the annual Bruiser Brody Memorial Tourney last night in Carolina, P.R....WWF Smackdown slipped to 4.2.last night....ECW will be featured on the USA Netowrk tonight...for one minute as part of a clip on Xtreme Pro has cancelled the Dec 3 Exploding Barb Wire bout between Onita and Sabu. This is the third time the bout has been scheduled, and the third cancellation.... The story of HOGan meetng with Vince Mc Mahon was total fabrication, traced back to Mean Gene Okerlund. Don't waste the time or $$$$ on the WCW Hotline......Tidbit: The blue rope scheme which WCW has been using will be changed back to either traditional black or WWF red.....Vince Russo has been cleared to return to WCW on Dec 11. No further details are available.......... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE....... There is no coincidence that Jaaks is releasing the WWF Backstage Mayhem toy for Christmas just as WCW Mayhem the ppv airs this coming weekend....WWF Magazine's The Best of 2000 is entering its second week on the newsstands nationwide, and is selling well.....A "hidden page" on the WWF Armageddon website suggests a double ME of HHH vs Austin and 'Taker vs The Rock for the WWF Title. This would mean that Kurt Angle would lose the WWF Title very soon. It's true, it's true. To see the "secret link," Click here..... Florida's IPW Hardcore has set its first TV taping for tomorrow night in St Pete..... Vampiro has officially quit WCW ; his release is imminent..... Despite doctor's orders to take a month off to rehab his back, HHH is booked for WWF Raw this Mon night..... Some of us remember Amy Dumas before she became Lita... Here Are A Few Pix Of Lita In The Big Apple....

Thursday November 23