Rob's Wrestling / Fri Nov 17

7:00 PM ET UPDATE...... The Toronto Sun today rips on the WWF, claiming that the Canadian Score Network has sold its soul in the partnership..... "Sexuality is part of our culture." With that, Vince Mc Mahon asserted in his Chicago news conference today that XFL cheerleaders will be encouraged to date XFL players..... Joe C, the sidekick of Kid Rock, dead @ age 26.....WWF talent on Tampa's Bubba Radio Show hyping Survivor.... WWF Smackdown down slightly last night to 4.8.... DD Page @ WCW Nitro this Mon..... Rebecca Budig gone from WWF Sun Night heat... "creative differences."...... WWF: The Music Vol 5 out in Feb...... Sting piece airing today on The 700 Club..... Kevin Nash guests on Nikki Sun Nov 26 on the WB....... 12:00 AM ET UPDATE...... Vince Mc Mahon will make a "major" announcement concerning the Chicago Enforcers XFL franchise this afternoon @ 4:10 CT on Chicago's ESPN Radio. Mc Mahon is being criticized in some circles for going on record as saying he would allow XFL ceerleaders to date XFL players..... Goldberg later this morning on Live with Regis....Jesse Ventura's critics are at it again with his announcement of being an XFL commentator...Rumors still flying about Rob Van Dam and ECW....WCW Millenium ppv from Germany: Mike Awesome wins a 20-man BR, Booker T over Scott Steiner to retain the WCW Title, Lance Storm over Gen Rection to retain the US/Canadian Title, Alex Wright/Rection over Jindrak/O'Haire TO WIN THE WCW TAG TITLES, Sting over Nash TO WIN THE EUROPEAN CUP..... Tenn Mtn Wrestling features Bob Armstrong on Thanksgivivng Night in Knoxville..... New WCW policy handed down this week is designed to keep the PTC away: wrestlers are not allowed to physically harm the female talent.

Thursday November 16