Wrestling Daily / Fri Mar 9

WWF Smackdown dropped to a 3.9 last night...... Eric Bischoff will miss WCW Nitro again this Mon due to business in Hawaii. Internet speculation has Bischoff leaving WCW.....ECW officially cancelled this weekend's ppv today.....Vince Mc Mahon does an interview in today's Las Vegas Review-Journal where he says that people are too quick to bury the XFL.....14 year-old Lionel Tate, convicted of murder in Jan, was sentenced to life in prison today. Tate allegedly killed an 8 year-old playmate imitating moves he learned from watching pro wrestling. Tate's mother is a Flo State trooper.....Al Snow's contract extension with the WWF profited him $200,000........... Jerry Lawler claims that neither he nor The Kat are certain as to why she was dismissed from the WWF.....Buff Bagwell has signed a two-month extension with WCW. His contract was slated to expire this month.....Chris Ford, aka Crowbar, has been dismissed from WCW.....WCW Thunder posted a 1.85 on Wed night.

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