Wrestling Friday / March 8

WWF Smackdown, live last night from San Antonio : Ric Flair, in the ring, addresses the Undertaker, and accepts his challenge for Wrestlemania. 'Taker, in response, says that now he's not so sure, and will address the situation later tonight... WWF Hardcore champion Goldust d Rob van Dam..... Booker T d Tajiri, with Torrie Wilson... The Rock calls Hogan out, and gets Scott Hall, instead, for tonight's Main Event... 'Taker d Al Snow/ Maven, then accepts Flair's challenge... Flair attacks 'Taker, going into the house... Flair hits a planted fan... WWF champion Chris Jericho d Kane, with help from Kurt Angle... Cut to film from the Asian tour... Ric Flair is arrested in a frame-up by the Undertaker, who watches Flair being led away... Angle and Kane slug it out backstage... Lita d Stacy...Jazz attacks Lita... ME: The Rock goes to a No Contest with Scott Hall when the nWo joins in. Austin helps The Rock... Vince Mc Mahon comes out, and announces the ME for Raw this Mon night: Austin/ Rock vs the nWo.

Wrestling Thursday / March 7
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