Wrestling Daily / Fri Mar 2

7:00 PM ET UPDATE....... Shawn Michaels will have a significant role in WWF WM X-7, but not as a wrestler...... The WWF is prepared to offer Jerry Lawler a full release from his contract..... Indy show in Manteo, N.C. on Sat Mar 17 with all proceeds going to the blind. ME features CW Anderson facing Tommy Dreamer. Also, Ricky Morton, Chily Willy, Lodi, van Hammer and Craig Pittman. For info, call 252-441-4966..... WWF Smackdown rating last night was a 4.57....... The Memphis Commercial Appeal is reporting that Jerry Lawler also quit the XFL. NBC reports that Lawler will be replaced by Dick Butkus...... NBC will move the XFL from prime time to weekend afternoons beginning next season..... The Wrestling Observer says that the partnership between WCW and NWA Wildside is over. No further details were released.....WCW Thunder did a 1.8 on Wed night....WCW visits Panama City for the annual Spring Breakout on Mar 26 for Nitro..... WCW's May ppv is "The Big Bang"..... The complete transcript from Jerry Lawler, detiling the WWF situation, can be found on his website, King Lawler . Com......

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