Wrestling Friday / March 23

***************BULLETIN************************* WWF.COM is reporting that WWFE Inc announces its purchase of WCW from Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. New programming is expected to air on TNN in the near future. Cross-brand strategies could begin as early as this Mon on WWF Raw and on the "season finale" of WCW Nitro on TNT. With the purchase, WWFE has all rights to WCW trademarks, library, tape, etc. WWFE CEO Linda Mc Mahon is quoted as saying, " this is a dream combination for fans of sports entertainment." Reportedly, the WCW wrestlers with 7-figure salaries would have to renegotiate their contracts. With Mc Mahon now owning the WCW and ECW name, any scenario is possible, including an invasion angle on one or both shows Mon night. Sources say that the WWF did not pick up any wrestlers with guaranteed contracts. There is interest in Ric Flair, Booker T, DD Page and Goldberg, but only after each accepts a buy-out offer from Time Warner. More informaton will be shared with the talent at the scheduled staff meeting on Wed Mar 28 @ 10 AM ET in the Power Plant. For the official announcement, go to WWF . COM.

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