Wrestling Friday / March 16

BULLETIN...... WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING issued a memo today, confirming that the company will go dark and that negotiations between Time-Warner/AOL and potential buyer Fusient remain far apart. Beginning on Tue Mar 27, WCW programming will be on hiatus for an undetermined amount of time. The memo reads, in part, " During this hiatus, WCW will review its programming plans and determine the course of future WCW-branded entertainment events." A staff meeting for all employees is planned for Wed Mar 28 @ 10:00 AM in The Power Plant....... In related developments, Pro Wrestling Torch is reporting that BroadcastingCable.com has declared that WCW programming on Turner-owned stations is not on hiatus, but has been cancelled. TBS spokespersons confirm the decision, made by new CEO Jamie Kellner...... Eric Bischoff has a meeting scheduled with FOX representatives to pitch his own "WCW," using the name, to sustain TV programming.....PW Torch reports that the WWF may be interested in buying WCW, either to run it as a separate company, or to eliminate it totally, thus ensuring no more competition......Multichannel News, on Fri evening, confirmed that WCW programming has been cancelled on Turner Net stations and that Fusient Media is backing away from WCW as the company's financial picture becomes more evident.

Today's Babe : Violet
Wrestling Thursday / March 15
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