Rob's Wrestling Daily / Fri Jan 5

6:00 PM ET UPDATE...... Vampiro, his wife and daughter were involved in an emergency plane crash landing on Wed afternon. The plane, bound home for Montreal, had taken off from Guadahala...... Australians have access to all of the WCW ppvs, effective with WCW Sin.....Jim Ross had a bench pass for the Orange Bowl matchup between Flo State and Oklahoma, courtesy of Ron Simmons.... WWF Smackdown next week airs for 90 minutes.... Smackdown last night on UPN posted a rating of 4.4, up slightly from last week......Lodi and Midnight appear on Jenny Jones next Thu, Jan 11 discussing backyard wrestling....ECW's Guilty As Charged airs this weekend. The next ppv is scheduled for Mar, and subsequent ppvs will air every other month. ECW will not air on MSG this weekend. Paul E's announcement on the show this Sun night reporedly has nothing to do with a television outlet, but rather, the acquisition of a new talent........ 12:00 AM ET UPDATE......... You May Remember Caryn As Stephanie's Fitness Trainer..... The official licensee for the XFL is Topps. The inaugural trading card set will be released in March.....Scott Hall is claiming to have a wrestling deal with NJPW....The Rock will be filming a movie in April, knocking him out of contention for the WWF Title.....The Charlotte Observer is reporting that Rock will not be venturing into the world of NASCAR. You can read the article here.

Thursday January 4
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